Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ten Things About Me

Aren't blogs more fun to read if you feel like you "know" the writer?
Here is a list that I came up with on the spot carefully created.
Because why shouldn't I announce how weird I am? 

1.      My writing journey started around the age of thirteen when I tasted my first sip of heartbreak. Fed up with the situation, I headed for the family computer and wrote my own happy ending. (Don’t think I was boy-crazy. I didn’t have a “real” boyfriend until I was eighteen.)

2.      Socks are my thing. I hate being barefoot on tile or wood floors but don’t mind running barefoot outside. It’s also possible that I’m known for wearing socks with flip-flops…but not in public!

3.      I’ve traveled as far north as Niagara Falls and can honestly say there is no better place than the South. Besides heaven.

4.      Once, while under a tornado warning, my family and I fled to our church. I lugged a laundry basket full of books because I didn’t want to lose them if the tornado leveled our house.

5.      I played a season of softball and took piano lessons as a kid. I can’t hit a ball to save my life or play anything resembling a song on any musical instrument.

6.      Taking walks (with short bursts of running) is my idea of athleticism. In fact, a group of friends and I walked a big circle from our road to town and back home. We started too late. When pitch black overtook the evening, we called my parents to pick us up. Country roads are spooky in the dark.

7.      I bake brownies when no one else is around so I can eat the leftover batter in peace.

8.       Sometimes I stink at sharing (see #7).

9.      I’m (im)patiently waiting for the day I can share my books with the world--or at least America.

10.  I’m not a girly girl or a tomboy (see #5). So that makes me the awkward one who reads a lot.
Random, huh?
And I didn't even mention the heart-shaped scar on my face from a four-wheeler wreck or my experience with crabs at the Outer Banks or the time I bawled while climbing a winding staircase in a lighthouse. Although I suppose that constitutes mentioning them...
Oh well. Laughing at yourself can be pretty fun.


  1. #6 & #7, LOL!!!

    Lighthouses can be scary! I get the heebeejeebies just looking at a coffee-table book of lighthouses. The sterile white paint, the rust draining down the side... Yikes! Like I should totally write a dystopian about people using lighthouses for clandestine insane asylums and twisted experiments or something. Umm . . . okay I'm creeped out now. :)

    #3, amen! :)

    #9, YAY!! I can't wait, either! :)

    Fun list! Love it!!!

    1. LOL @ at the insane asylum lighthouse!!!
      I love the idea of a lighthouse and think they're beautiful...but they're far too high for my taste. I'm extremely afraid of heights. I try to be brave and face the fear, but I usually end up making myself look like a fool. :)
      You should totally do a list like this! I'm sure everyone would love to learn more about you!