Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Courting Cate by Leslie Gould

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I LOVED this book! And I'm not even normally a fan of this genre or Shakespeare.
Leslie Gould based her story off of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, but that was a chore for me to read in college and this book most definitely was not!
Cate isn't your typical heroine in women's fiction. She isn't a giggly, man-obsessed, super-shopper that is cute for a time but leaves no lasting impression. No, Cate is a woman who struggles with her attitude and dealing with the expectations of others. I could relate so much with her.
But Cate isn't unlikeable -- she just has many layers to her character. I wanted to cry when she was hurt. I was angry when she was angry. I felt her emotions and wanted justice for her. I'd love to read more stories with women like her.
And Pete -- wow! I don't want to give anything away, but his dealings with Cate were so much fun to read. He also has multiple dimensions to his character.
Even though I knew how Shakespeare's play ended, this story was not in the least boring. It was full of intrigue and will keep you wondering what exactly is going on...
Read it! I know you'll love it!
*I received this book free from the publisher. This review is my honest opinion.

Against The Tide by Elizabeth Camden

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 Against The Tide by Elizabeth Camden follows the story of Lydia, an immigrant who was orphaned as a child. She nows works as a translator for the U.S. Navy but everything changes when she becomes involved with Alexander Banebridge...
This novel was like none other I have read before, dealing with subjects such as drug abuse and child abduction. I loved the author's style, her ability to place the reader in this time period. Very real emotions were shown which I appreciated. There is suspense and definitely romance. There is nothing boring about this story.
And of course, the cover draws you in.
I plan to find more books by Elizabeth Camden just because I enjoyed this one so much.
***This review is my honest opinion. I received it free from the publisher.